Call for Papers

2011 KDML Workshop on Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining and Machine Learning

Wir laden zur Einreichung von Beiträgen aus Forschung und Praxis zu allen Bereichen des maschinellen Lernens, des Data Mining und der Wissensentdeckung aus Datenbanken ein. Neben zuvor unveröffentlichten wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten, können sowohl laufende Arbeiten mit vorläufigen Ergebnissen, als auch bereits bei internationalen Tagungen oder Zeitschriften im 2011 veröffentlichte Artikel vorgestellt werden.

Zur Förderung der Vernetzung von Forschern und Anwendern, auch aus den GI Fachgruppen FG-ABIS, FG-IR und FG-WM, wird im Rahmen der LWA eine Postersession angeboten, in der auch Systemdemonstrationen stattfinden können.


Workshop "Information Retrieval 2011"

held by the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval of the Gesellschaft für Informatik (German Computing Society)

The ubiquity of search systems has led to the application of information retrieval technology in many new contexts (e.g. mobile and international) and for new object types (products, patents, music). To develop appropriate products, basic knowledge on information retrieval needs to be revisited and innovative approaches need to be applied, for example by allowing for more user interaction or by taking the user's situational context and the overall task into account. The quality of information retrieval needs to be evaluated for each context. Large evaluation initiatives respond to these challenges and develop new benchmarks.

The workshop Information Retrieval 2011 of the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval within the German Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI) provides a forum for scientific discussion and the exchange of ideas. The workshop takes place in the context of the LWA "Learning, Knowledge and Adaptivity" workshop week (LWA, Sep 28-30, 2010) at the University of Magdeburg in Germany. This workshop continues a successful series of conferences and workshops of the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval ( The workshop addresses researchers and practitioners from industry and universities. Especially Doctorate and Master students are encouraged to participate. An Industry Session will stimulate the discussion between information retrieval professionals and academics. The workshop is expected to include German as well as English presentations.


German Workshop on Knowledge and Experience Management

The annual workshop "Knowledge and Experience Management" is organized by the Special Interest Group on Knowledge Management of the German Informatics society (GI). Its goals are to enable and further the exchange of innovative ideas and practical applications in the field of knowledge and experience management.

Submissions from current research out of these and adjacent areas are welcome. Moreover, contributions that describe work in progress or approaches that have not yet been investigated comprehensively are of special interest. Even provisional approaches should, however, be described sufficiently clear and structured, in order to serve as a basis for interesting discussions among the participants.

The workshop aims to provide a platform for young researchers to present their work and receive feedback from the knowledge and experience management community. Moreover, we invite researchers to contribute to the workshop by resubmitting conference papers and share their ideas with the research community.